Balloon Fiesta Fun

ImageEvery year in my town, during the first weekend of September, there is a huge festival held for hot air balloonists from all over. The general public can come and get rides for a price, as well as helicopter rides for a less expensive price. I’ve done both, and after the initial fear of heights, both were awesome experiences that I’d gladly try again.

This year, in particular this evening, I experienced the Balloon Fiesta again…but without the balloons. You see, due to it being the best times to fly, the balloons only take off at 6AM and 6PM. Unfortunately, weather is the number one enemy of balloons, and the wind this evening was just too strong for safe flying. There is also a “moon glow,” where the balloonists will blow up their balloons while tethered just enough to light up in the night. But tonight, after a few tests of shooting flames into the air, it was once again deemed too windy even for that. So, unfortunately, my trip to the Balloon Fiesta was a bust balloon-wise.

However, just like the flea market, there are many things to do aside from hope the balloons will fly. Not only are there concession and shopping stands, but there are also carnival games, live music, bingo, a petting zoo and miniature pony rides. Those are just in the main center of the fiesta, though, as there is also a full fair with rides and even more games to play.

This evening, I listened to a little bit of live music (typically of the oldies, country and rock variety). I also did my tradition of having a few curly fries (this time followed with a hamburger and regular fries), chocolate/vanilla twist ice cream, and flavored (yes, flavored) cotton candy. My choice for this year was pina colada, and I’m hoping it’ll be good. I also played bingo with my parents, and after being set many times, I finally got my first bingo in years on our final game. Since not many were playing, I only won about $13, but it was a lot of fun to pass the time while we waited to see if the balloons would go up or not.

Those are just some of the reasons I enjoy the Fiesta, and I’ve tried to go every year since I was a kid. I’ve seen many cool balloons, tried lots of tasty food, and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. And since this blog has been a reflection of my enjoyment of the Fiesta, I’ll end off showing my all-time favorite hot-air balloon, Smaug the Dragon (not sure if Lord of the Rings-related). See you all again next week!




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