5 Reasons to Love Flea Markets

Well, I had plans to meet a challenge my boyfriend posed at me this weekend, but I feel I need more time to plan it out and am pushing it to the start of next week. Sitting here, now not working due to a relatively minor work-related injury, got me thinking about the flea market currently happening in my town. It’s a pain in the butt to work during due to the tons of people who visit it, traffic is a pain in the butt and it can be tough to walk through on a hot day.

But I’d like to use this week’s blog to talk about why I LIKE the annual flea market. For starters, if you don’t know what a flea market is, it’s basically a gigantic yard sale. Vendors and customers come from all around Canada and the US to buy and sell stuff. It’s the biggest event in town next to the Hot Air Balloon Festival, which is during the first weekend of September and I will no doubt talk about it then. Let’s get into the 5 reasons I like the flea market.

1) All the stuff you can find. It has everything: auto parts, crafts, books, games, movies, ornaments, rare treasures, toys, etc etc etc. I often search for books and games, but I’ve found plenty of cool things as gifts for my boyfriend, including an autograph of Kelsey Grammar from his early “Frasier” days. It was only $5, which brings me to my next point.

2) SO much of that stuff is inexpensive. Sure, it does depend on the vendor and item, but you can spend tons of cash in a day and get plenty of stuff. Or, you could spend little but get some really hard to find items. Some people are also open to bartering, which adds fun to the shopping experience and a chance to get even better deals.

3) Not boring whatsoever. Shopping might seem dull at first, but our flea market takes place in a huge baseball field and in our indoor skating rink’s parking lot. Aside from the back-to-back vendors (who you could spend the entire day looking through and still possibly not see everyone), there are also events that take place as well. There’s an antique car show to peruse really nice, well-preserved cars. There’s often live music, typically local or nearby talent. And there’s a craft fair separate from the flea market to check out homemade goodies.

4) Tasty, fattening treats. The flea market always has delicious junk food when all that shopping makes you hungry. A favorite of mine and my dad’s is ordering curly fries (really thinly-skinned, deep-fried potatoes) and a couple Pepsi cans. We then follow up with dessert from an ice cream van called Meg’s, which serves awesome chocolate/vanilla twist soft serve. They’re only ever in town for the flea market and Balloon Festival, so I always take advantage of ordering from them. Finally, there’s tons of sweets from fudge to candy apples to flavored cotton candy.

5) And finally, I love the flea market because it’s a fun thing to do with my family, particularly my dad in recent years. It gives us an outlet to spend time together while doing something that doesn’t happen every day. I enjoy the atmosphere (even if it’s packed with people) and always have fun seeing what I can find like some kind of big treasure hunt. Aside from the Balloon Festival, it’s my favorite reason to be living in my town and I’ll continue to try and go to it for years to come.


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