The Return of “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

To start off, no, I won’t be technically reviewing the relaunch episodes of Whose Line. Instead, I wanna talk about my love for the show leading up to this relaunch.

ImageFor those who don’t know, the show consists of a host and four comedians acting out various improv games. These games consist of them getting a scenario from the host and then making everything up off the top of their heads. It’s treated like a light-hearted competition where unnecessary points are given out and eventually a “winner” is announced.

Years ago, when The Drew Carey Show was still on the air, I discovered the US version of Whose Line while watching TV with my parents. We ended up split on our opinion of it, with my mom thinking it was stupid and my dad and I thinking it was hilarious. After that, I tried to watch as much of the show as I could, even going so far to tape a few episodes for repeat viewing. I eventually discovered that it was spun off from a UK version years prior, and while I haven’t seen much of it still, I enjoyed it all the same.

But my main love for Whose Line originated from the US show. Hosted by Drew Carey, it had mainstay actors like Ryan Stiles (also of The Drew Carey Show fame), Colin Mochrie (a great Canadian actor), and Wayne Brady (who’s been on Dave Chappelle and Don’t Forget the Lyrics among other things). There would always be a fourth rotating guest as well, and I came to know and enjoy all of them. I especially loved when Ryan and Colin would be teamed up, because they had great chemistry both as friends and comedians. The show quickly became one of my favorite comedic shows to watch, right up there with The Simpsons, Friends and Just for Laughs.

But sadly, it was cancelled and put through reruns for a few years. That is, until this year, more specifically this summer. This past Tuesday, the show premiered with two back-to-back episodes. Ryan, Colin, Wayne and that rotating fourth guest are back, as well as the musicians for the show. Aisha Tyler is the new host now that Drew Carey is obligated to The Price is Right. The episodes brought me back to the days of classic Whose Line. Even though the actors are older, they all still have that wit that keeps things fresh and funny. And while I’ll have to get used to Aisha both as a host and comedian, she did start to win me over a little midway through the second episode.

Whose Line did more than make me laugh, though. It also made me gain an appreciation for improv overall. Before that, I got most of my comedy from sitcoms and stand-up. But with the discovery of this new kind and the realization of how difficult it is to pull off well, I quickly grew to love improv as my favorite type of comedy. As a show, Whose Line is one of the rare few I can watch even reruns of and still laugh my butt off. I’m happy it’s back and already doing well on TV, and I hope it sticks around for a long time to come.


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