Late Night Ranting

So, having realized today that I haven’t blogged all week, I’m doing it now. This particular rant is coming from a conversation I had during lunch with my mom. I vented to her about work and my annoyingly picky boss, and one thing stood out to her above all else: “I think my boss thinks I’m stupid.”

Now, I’m not stupid and I wasn’t trying to beat myself. She’s not technically condescending, but since starting there I’ve felt like she’s criticized my mistakes and me in general more than anyone else. Granted, two of my coworkers have been there at least a year and the other started just after I did, so I’m sure they’ve all had their fair share at some point. But that’s just it. They get away with doing stuff that I was taught not to do. For example, asking customers if they want their receipt instead of just giving it to them like the boss told me when I first used the cash register. I feel like with the way she criticizes me, though, that she would say something to ME if I did that.

Another thing I’ve picked up on is that she can talk relatively easily to my other three co-workers, but most of the time I end up hearing either orders or criticisms. Now, I know not all bosses want to be buddy-buddy with their co-workers, but I wish she’d show a bit more friendliness my way and even a rare compliment when I do something right. It’s pretty bad when I feel one of my co-workers would make a better boss than her based on those merits.

And on top of that, she’s questioned me as a person before. Such stuff like saying I don’t listen to customers (listening is one of my strong suits, in my honest opinion) and my ability to learn from my mistakes (which I feel I have since first starting). She makes me feel less like a 25 year old adult and more like a teenager on their first job. It’s frustrating beyond belief.

But, as my mom said to me, I can’t let her get to me. If anything, the best I can do is semi-ignore her attitude and just do my job, even if I have to grumble under my breath. I’m just hopeful something (and someONE) better will come along at least by next year.


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