Venturing Into Something New (ish)

I’ve been a nerd for as long as I can remember. I started out with books and soon went up to video games, magazines, and the usual nerdy talk amongst people about TV shows or movies. While none of that has changed, there is one aspect of nerd-dom that I’ve only briefly dabbled in: comics.

Growing up, I knew of superheroes mostly through TV and later their movie adaptions. I knew comics existed as I’d see them on a rack in my local bookstore, but never had much interest in them. In fact, I can remember mainly reading lighter fare like the Sunday strips, the Simpsons comics and Disney-related comics in the old Disney Adventure magazines.

For me, I think it was an awareness of many comics being ongoing that prevented me from getting interested in them. I was one of those kids who had a set monthly allowance, and it wasn’t too long that I was using it to fuel my video game habit by buying gaming magazines. Even though I could’ve afforded comics, they just never seemed to catch my eye. But recently, my attitude’s started to change. With the consistent movie adaptions that keep being released and my entertainment from them, I’ve felt a renewed spark in comic book heroes. In fact, after seeing Iron Man 3, I’ve been interested in exploring the Extremis comic the movie was loosely based from.

But it’s not just superheroes I’ve become interested in reading about. Since I recently got back into reading books for fun, I’ve been wanting to read more stories that, while interesting, won’t eat up a ton of my time. I think comics would be the perfect way to do that, being both relatively short and in most cases less pricey. I also feel it’s time I give comics a fair shake, since I haven’t really done so in the past.

It’s going to take some research, but I’m excited to see what’s out there and find some good stories. If anyone has suggestions for good comics that a comic newbie can dive into, feel free to post them below!


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