My Top 10 Favorite Doctor Who Baddies

Seeing as how this week so far has been a bit uneventful for me on the blogging front, I’ve decided to dive into a fandom I got into courtesy of my boyfriend. If you don’t know anything about Doctor Who, I’ll sum it up. It’s a sci-fi show that has existed since the 60’s that follows an alien known as The Doctor as he time travels through time and space, often with human companions in tow. He often encounters various threats and enemies along the way, some which this list will cover.

Before I start, I have to preface this for anyone who does know/watch the show: I have NOT seen the entirety of Doctor Who. I’ve seen the 7th-11th Doctors series in completion, so my list will reflect baddies I know about. With that said, let’s get started.

10. Mr. Finch


Mr. Finch (who’s really an alien in human guise) only appeared in one episode, but he left a bit of an impression on me. The character himself is a cunning, despicable alien who is trying to decode a paradigm that will allow him and his kind to alter reality however they want. He’s also aware of The Doctor being a Time Lord and nearly convinces him to help him decipher the paradigm. My other reason for loving this guy is that he’s played by one of my favorite actors from Buffy, Anthony Stewart Head. A great, suave, slightly over the top performance all around.

9. The Editor


The Editor might not be as smart or sneaky as Mr. Finch, but he’s easily my favorite HUMAN villain so far. Part of this is again because he’s played by an actor I love, namely Simon Pegg. The other part is because while he can also be a bit over the top, he’s pretty smart for a human villain and is practically in charge (though not entirely) of the news station he oversees. He takes great pleasure in monitoring people and using them to keep the business running, no matter what it takes.

8. Sontaran


While I haven’t seen the classic Sontaran episodes, I friggin’ love these guys. They’re obsessed with war and honor, making them a formidable threat to the world and The Doctor. It’s also funny and cool to see such stocky aliens commit lots of violence. The only reason they rank so low on my list is because recently the reoccurring Sontaran, Strax, has been played up as comic relief more than any sort of threat. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, as he’s still capable of kicking butt in the most violent ways possible.

7. Vashta Nerada


This alien race is just plain disturbing. They’re basically parasitic piranhas that hide in the shadows and, if there are enough swarming together, strip living beings of all their flesh. The person is then controlled by them as a living corpse. This is one of the few Doctor Who villains I wish were brought back, as they only appeared in a two-parter during the 10th Doctor’s run. The idea of something so tiny doing that much damage just for a meal is scary.

6. The Master


The Master is essentially The Doctor’s foil, a renegade Time Lord who cares only about what he wants and nothing else. So far, I’d only seen the version seen above, in the new series, as well as in the TV movie featuring the 8th Doctor and the finale of the 7th Doctor’s run. All three versions have their fair share of hammy acting, but it makes him more entertaining to watch. I once saw a description of him as saying he was the Moriarty to The Doctor’s Sherlock and I couldn’t agree more. The guy is relentless in wanting power and doesn’t care who he steps on to get it.

5. House


House comes from one of my favorite episodes of series 6. He’s an entity who manages to invade the Tardis (the time machine the Doctor uses to travel) in an effort to find new sources of energy. Before this, he would trap other Time Lords and steal the energy from their Tardis’s to sustain himself. During his time in the Tardis, he mentally torments the Doctor’s two companions, who are stuck inside, with hallucinations and the threat of killing them for his amusement. I really enjoyed this villain because he was so cruel, which made it extra satisfying to see him be defeated.

4. Cybermen


The Cybermen are cool to me because of what they represent. Their main goal is to eradicate emotions, paving the way for beings who run on logical thought. It’s scary to see creatures so unfeeling and uncaring who also have a hive mind mentality. They will turn ordinary humans into either half-robot or fully-robot creatures, rendering them incapable of free will or thought. It’s practically the ultimate form of conformity. I also like their various devices, such as the Cybermats/Cybermites, which allow them to spy on and capture people without detection.

3. The Silence


Speaking of a lack of free will, these guys are just plain terrifying. They look like a mix between the painting The Scream and Slenderman, and if a person sees one, he will instantly forget he did once he looks away. They act like puppet masters, using hypnotic suggestion to manipulate people. There’s implications that they can be anywhere and could be the cause of feelings of deja vu and such. They’re very creepy and upon reflection made me decide that they deserved a top 3 spot.

2. Daleks


The Daleks are not the smartest, strongest or scariest enemy, but they were the first long-running one. Even having started with the new series, there’s a sense of nostalgia I feel whenever the Daleks are on-screen. They’re one of a few enemies to invoke a lot of emotion from The Doctor, especially anger. Another thing I love about them is their relentless pursuit of exterminating everything. Sure, they may devise specific plans to destroy The Doctor, but they’re always determined to basically kill everything without a second thought. And there’s something about that mindless need for destruction that’s just horrifying.

1. Weeping Angels


If the Silence had been created first, they may have taken this spot. But for me, the Weeping Angels are my favorite villains. They don’t need to issue threats, they barely need to form a plan, and they are scary for multiple reasons. Resembling statues, they stay dormant until you look away from them or blink. That’s when they start getting ever so closer and look a lot more evil. And depending on the Angel, once they catch you, they will either snap your neck or transport you back in time. This effectively kills you in the present, as you’re forced to live out the rest of your life in the past. They never make a sound and it’s been implied that possibly every statue is an Angel. Of all the Doctor Who baddies, these were the first to give me nightmares and really, legitimately scare me. Trust me when I say that that’s no easy feat.

So, that’s my list of my top 10 favorite DW baddies. Agree? Disagree? Like other baddies I didn’t mention here? Feel free to comment below! 🙂


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