I’ve Got a Job!

So, after months upon months of putting out resumes, going through interviews, and ultimately not landing a single job, I’ve finally gotten one in town courtesy of a restaurant called Dixie Lee. It’s akin to fast food places like KFC in that it sells fried chicken and other products, but it is part of a small chain and therefore has less restricting workplace rules.

What do I mean by that? Well, for starters, my boss is able to make up schedules at her own pace (being 3 weeks in advance) as well as limit the number of employees to a manageable 3-4 in total. It also means that we can dress however we want within reason, whether working in the kitchen or on cashier. And of course, there are employee benefits such as discounts on food and the like.

As I’ve only had two training days so far, I’m on 21 hours a week (the week starting on Sunday according to her schedule). This job isn’t easy though, despite the reduced traffic compared to my first job as a cook at McDonalds. There is a lot of heavy lifting, tons of prep and cleaning to do, and it’s hard on the feet after 7 hours a day. For me, this job is both a blessing and a curse at this point.

That may sound hypocritical, considering I’ve complained in the past of the lack of jobs in my town, but hear me out. It IS a blessing due to said lack of jobs and my need to build up my funds/spending money. It will also be helpful to give me something to do when my boyfriend goes back to school (fingers crossed he’s accepted!). And the boss herself is very nice and flexible, allowing me a few days of vacation for the summer when my boyfriend comes to visit and generally praising my work ethic.

The job is a curse, however, in what it means to me. Sure, working on my feet for 7 hours is no picnic, especially after having spent more than enough time slacking off at home. But for me, it still feels like a regression in the job chain. I’ve gone from fast food to a call center and back to fast food again. And the sad thing is that I, like many others, know that only moving away will potentially garner something better than that. It’s just not a luxury I can afford at the moment, especially with no one available to move in with right now.

But as most people are apt to do, I won’t stop searching for a slightly better job. This one will do for now, and it’s not the worst I’ve dealt with, but there will always be something better to strive for. For now, I’m going to put on my happiest face and settle into cooking chicken. Wish me luck!


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