The Internet is my TV

It all started back in 2007 with the start of my 2-year college course. During both years, I boarded with two nice families and spent a lot of time between school and “home” getting acquainted with my new desktop computer (later made obsolete by my new laptop). And, as you can imagine, school left little time for sitting down to watch TV.

But as time went on, laziness became a factor as well. The shows I used to follow almost religiously fell by the wayside as my time was taken up more and more by my computer and the wonders of the web. By the time college ended in 2009, I’d practically stopped watching TV altogether. Call it an addiction to the internet, but with the advent of YouTube and Facebook, there was more to see than I imagined, especially since I’d only really experienced the web during my high school years (when we FINALLY got a computer at home).

Four years later, aside from the occasional nights that I’ll watch TV with my mom and boyfriend, online shows have become my staple of video entertainment. My time reserved once for shows like American Idol and Ghost Whisperer is now filled with the likes of Let’s Plays, sketch shows and reviewers. Many of them even have quality programming that I’d expect out of a TV show. It’s become a thing where all the convenience of a computer has drifted into my viewing habits. I no longer feel like I have the time or energy to keep up with 20+ episodes week after week of a TV show. Like I said, some of that is due to laziness and I make no apologies for it.

There have been exceptions, though. TV with my mom mostly consists of the news, which I haven’t kept up with nearly as well since college ended (I studied Journalism at the time). TV with my boyfriend has been more substantial. I’ve sat through the majority of the first season of Grimm, which was lackluster. I’ve seen reruns of the Simpsons and Friends, two shows that became a part of my late childhood. And, thanks to him, I’ve caught up on and followed the resurgence of Doctor Who.

Aside from my own laziness and computer convenience, many TV shows are now available (especially older ones) to watch online, so the act of sitting down in front of a TV becomes even less important to me. I guess my laptop being basically my TV is just an evolution of technology for me. And while I don’t indulge normal TV as much as I used to, I’ll always have fond memories from growing up with it.


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