My Top 10 “Hottest” Animated Guys

A few days ago, Doug Walker (most famously known for the Nostalgia Critic) posted a list of his personal favorite attractive animated women. After viewing this video, my boyfriend issued me a challenge to write up a list of my own, but with men. So, long story short, these are my picks for animated “hotties.”


10. Jafar from “Aladdin”


I’ll get this out of the way: Jafar is a douche. But what do you expect from a villain as powerful as him? While not the most attractive Disney villain out there, Jafar has this smugness about him that I really like. He’s powerful and he knows it, and he’s always got a scheme cooked up. Plus, his evil laugh is one of the best I’ve ever heard. He might look like he was beat with an ugly stick, but he’s easily the most attractive Disney villain to me.

9. Frozone from “The Incredibles”


Even though he’s a supporting character, Frozone is one of my favorites from The Incredibles. For starters, he has a sleek design, which works perfectly with the ice powers he has. He’s the kind of down to earth guy that, while he enjoys doing the superhero thing, enjoys having a bit of normalcy (at least more than Mr. Incredible). And to top it all off, he’s voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, who has one of the most recognizable (and in my opinion attractive) voices out there.

8. Martin Mystery from… “Martin Mystery”


Many people won’t know this guy, but I first discovered him on a kids channel called YTV, essentially the Nickelodeon of Canadian programming. While Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon was the first anime guy I ever saw, Martin was the first I ever found remotely attractive. He has boyish good looks and a lot of energy and spunk. He’s not the brightest character in the show, but he’s extremely loyal to his friends and sister and has a fun sense of humor as well.

7. Milo from “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”


Milo has all the qualities about nerdy guys that I love. He’s a little bit awkward, which is adorable. He’s intelligent and knowledgeable, which is always a plus. And he’s also got a good sense of humor as well. Another thing I loved about the character was his drive and determination to find Atlantis. Couple all these qualities with the great voice of Michael J. Fox, and you have one of my favorite nerdy guys in animation.

6. Batman from “Batman: The Animated Series”


Where do I start with this Batman? For one, he’s cool and smart, like any Batman should be. He has the great, ear-catching voice of Kevin Conroy, which gives the character a lot of weight in both humorous and dramatic situations. And of course, it’s Batman! One of the coolest superheroes ever put on-screen, from his great gadgets to his many layers as a person. For me, though, this Batman was also who got me into comic book heroes. While he’s not my favorite superhero (we’ll get to that), he definitely left an impact.

5. Sideshow Bob from “The Simpsons”


I know, I know, this is a weird choice, especially coming ahead of Batman. But the thing is, I’m a huge Simpsons fan. Compared to the Batman show, I grew up with the Simpsons through most of my childhood. Sideshow Bob to me was one of the most attractive characters to appear in that show. I love his obsession and devotion to trying to kill Bart and how many plans he’ll try to accomplish that. I love how despite having been a clown, he’s always been sophisticated with his tastes in literature and music. And combining Kelsey Grammar’s great voice with singing AND evil laughter? A match made in heaven.

4. Neuro from “Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro”


If you’ve read my first blog post, you’ll know that this is a recent one. I only saw the show last month, but Neuro left such an impression that I couldn’t leave him off the list. While Bob is obsessed with killng Bart, he always gets caught in the end. Neuro’s obsession with feeding off of mysteries always ends in triumph. He never, ever gives up until he gets what he wants. Physically, his human form is pretty attractive, sort of like a demonic mixed version of Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney series. While he doesn’t understand humans, he’s the kinda of demon who’s presence and voice commands attention, and his demonic powers are truly awesome.

3. Wolverine from “X-Men: Evolution”


I’ll be honest, I never grew up with the original 90’s X-Men cartoon. But I did come across this one later in life and enjoyed it immensely. This is the guy Batman lead me to: A surly, burly Canadian mutant with a no-nonsense attitude. Wolverine already ranks high on my favorite superheroes list, but between this show and the first live-action film, I came to see him as attractive too. Aside from the quick traits I just listed, I think another aspect is the mystery behind him. While he may not always be a team player, he’s definitely my favorite X-Men guy of the bunch.

2. Aladdin from… “Aladdin”


This one goes back into my childhood. Of all the Disney men I saw throughout my life, Aladdin was easily the most interesting. He wasn’t just another rich prince looking for a princess, but instead a humble street boy just trying to get by. He knows how to handle himself in a fight for the most part and has this sense of discovery and adventure about him. Of course, physically he’s both handsome and cute, jumping between trying to act suave and being a little awkward at times. While he pretty much has self-esteem issues, he’s the kind of guy whose heart’s in the right place. If my #1 pick never existed, Aladdin would’ve easily nabbed the top spot of this list.

1. Flynn Rider from “Tangled”


I’m just gonna say it: Flynn reminds me of a mix between Aladdin and the Prince of Persia. As a thief, he’s both nimble and has a quick wit. He has a great snarky, sarcastic sense of humor that I love, but can also be a bit goofy too, especially when it involves his own vanity. Physically, I like his look a lot. He’s slim, scruffy and has a very expressive face. The thing that puts Flynn at the top of my list is that unlike Aladdin, he gradually learns to put his heart in the right place. When he starts out, he’s vain, egotistical and materialistic. But after spending time with Rapunzel, he grows out of his materialism and learns to value others instead. Both Aladdin and Flynn kinda suffer from self-esteem issues, in that Aladdin makes himself a prince to appeal to Jasmine and Flynn hides behind this cocksure thief facade to be cool. I guess I feel Flynn’s flaws are more prominent, so when he does change his ways it’s more dynamic. He has it all to me: Great look, hilarious sense of humor, bouts of slightly nerdy awkwardness, a cool attitude throughout, and the willingness to grow as a person. That is why he’s my choice for “hottest” animated guy.


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