Work Sucks…To Find

Fair warning, this is probably gonna be a long-ish rant.  First, a quick bit of background: My last job was as a hotel reservations agent at a call center. After many issues cropped up within the company, I made the choice to quit and save myself a ton of stress. That was back in March 2011.

And now, almost two years later, I’ve been unable to successfully land a job. Timing has been one of the main problems, because job openings tend to occur around the fall and spring. However, this is made worse by my location and living situation. I’m one of those people who’s stuck living with their parents because even a minimum wage job for 40 hours a week can barely rent in town. I still don’t have a car as a result of trying to keep up my bank funds and also having little use at this point to maintain one outside of leisure travel. Essentially, my best bet is to move to a city…which would only be doable if I could be guaranteed a job before arriving.

One major factor in the lack of jobs around me is the town I live near. This town has a population of roughly 5000 and many are within the senior age range. This does not help trying to get into places where such people have held jobs for over 10 years, because none of them seem to want or be able to retire. NONE. And with that, fewer job openings exist, leaving mostly customer service stints like Burger King or Walmart…which are also at a standstill for job openings during this time of the year.

As someone who went to college back in 2007 and came out two years later with a Journalism diploma, this is very disheartening. Yes, I’m well aware tons of people who have done post-secondary have the same issue of not getting into the field they’ve studied for. Sucks all around, basically. It’s just frustrating to be unemployed for so long, go through a few interviews, and still come out no better off.

But the absolute worst part of the job-searching game so far has been the piles of job postings requiring people to have experience, aka no need for having to train a new employee. This is extra frustrating for obvious reasons: How can I gain experience if I can’t even be given a shot at the job in the first place? It makes my options for job offers even more limited than ever. As a result, my own mom has had to offer up some of her pay in exchange for my help with a job of hers (she cleans homes for a living). It’s a bit embarrassing and definitely not what I was hoping I’d end up doing beyond college.

My only course of action at this point is to keep trying until I land something, ANYTHING before 2014. I know my parents are frustrated that I’m not out working and I share the sentiment, because I’m tired of hearing about it. Part of me wants a job just to end their frustrations, and the other part of me knows they’re right and that I need to build up my funds. Ultimately, I’m just another sad case of a college/uni student who’s forced to take any job, like it or not, just to make ends meet. The one thing I’m certain of is that I have to be out of this town before I’m 30. My life and sanity depends on it.


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